Zen Lounge Prana Vol. 2

Chill-out with
Zen Lounge PRANA Music Energy

PRANA means Life Force, an Indian Sanskrit word used to name the universal energy field that sustains all that is. Zen is a Japanese philosophy that honors the simplistic beauty and intelligence in all things through a disciplined lifestyle, where art, philosophical practice and meditation is the focus of mind and spirit. Lounge is a popular, usually instrumental musical genre, with chill-out beats and often with ambient soundscapes. Zen+Prana+Lounge = Spiritual Energy.

Please note that many of the tracks are currently under revision. These new, versions are only available from the Bandcamp Store. The Bandcamp Store also features an updated album cover design. You may read more about this at the bottom of page.

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A selection of unreleased, remixed and previously released Being Ambient Music titles.

1. Universe of Prana
(Remix for this collection only available from Bandcamp Store)

2. Sunglasses Off (PRANA Mix)  
From Cafe Sky (Remix for this collection only available from Bandcamp Store)
See the Music Video

3. Summer Poolside
From Ibiza Lounge – Sunkissed


4. High Volume Cocktail
From Ibiza Lounge – Sunkissed

5. Flags in the Wind (in C maj.)
From Infinitude

6. Ozone
From Afro Chill Lounge Experience

7. Wild Coast
From Afro Chill Lounge Experience

8. Junglevibe
From Junglevibe EP
FREE Download from Bandcamp

9. A night-time drive
From A night-time drive

10. Strange Dream (Ambient Lounge Mix)
From Strange Dream EP

11. Late night city (PRANA Mix)
(Remixed for this collection)
From Afro Chill Lounge Experience

12. A lift with a view
From Cafe Sky

13. Deep Mind (Ocean Dub)
From Ambient Ocean

14. Afloat in the Stratosphere

Conceived and produced by Johann Kotze
Cover design by Johann Kotze
Release date: 24/06/11


A note about the album changes

One of the great things of the digital era is its flexibility. I could change the original cover design that features in iTune, Amazon etc stores (below) in my Bandcamp Store with ease. I re-imagined some of the tracks of the album and am at present reworking and re-uploaded many of these, with immediate effect in Bandcamp. And if I really want to, I can re-submit the entire album and cover so that the changes are consistent throughout. Johann, 19 September 2012.