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Bliss Yoga Music Johann Kotze Music & YogaYoga Music & Yogi Chill-out.

Use the playlist for a strong power flow yoga session, easy flow and  yogi chill-out, nidra and relaxation. Includes 2 meditation tracks.

The Session gets into the zone with a hypnotic slow motion trip hop beat. Spirit-DuB. Meditate with a killer focus AUM chant and Namaste greeting. NjoY. OM Shanti. This track features the vocal talent of Maya Haripal illuminating my voice. With temple bells and ambient sound sounddesign“Go within” has a pumping chill-house beat is for a solid standing pose rock-out and flows into Eastern Sun, for a focussed Sun Salutation sequence and “Sun Dance” for fun and funky additional power poses or flow sequencesa gentle warm up, with “Sanga Expansion” is a gentle chill-out composition leading to Savasana/Yoga Nidra of “Sanga Nidra”.“Rider upon the Light” is a post-session invocation. (Read more here). Namaste greeting and Om Shanti blessing reprises unplugged voice, temple bells with ambient soundscape

● Bliss Yoga Music Playlist Yoga Class Sequence in Youtube Video 1 Hour Playlist… a page with will be added
● “The Infinite Way” (near end of this album) is from the album The Infinite Way Yoga & Meditation Music 

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1. A-U-M Shanti Spirit DuB

2. Go within (Be the change)

3. Sun Dance

4. Eastern Sun Yogi Chill-out

5. Sangha Expansion

6. Sangha Nidra

7. Rider upon the Light

8. A-U-M Namaste OM Shanti

and a bonus track on Bandcamp

9. The Infinite Way

Conceived and produced by Johann Kotze
Cover design by Johann, developed from template on
First tracks released October 2014

Tracks 2 – 6 were originally produced for the December 2013 Yoga Sanga Festival, Greyton, South Africa.

Your free gift of track  AUM/OM Namaste

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