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A Yoga Home Practice Routine is vital to develop a sustainable yoga practice for well-being. In addition to class attendance, any serious yoga student, no matter his or her level, has to grow a regular practice at home, gym, or as part lifestyle exercise such as walking or surfing.

Yoga as a way of being is key to the effective use of body and mind, and its integration in all areas of work and recreation. Such holistic development comes from honing yoga techniques and its application through, for example, breath, posture and mindset awareness – growth that is nurtured by a regular home practice routine.

Perhaps the most important benefit of yoga practice is the “reset” effect yoga exerts on body and mind. This re-set reverses the constant outflow of energy when we are in doing mode, so prevalent of modern lifestyle, where we tend to always be busy, thinking, exercising, often radically exposed to sensory stimulation. Yoga takes the mind within, to release body stress, to undo the negative or detrimental conditioning caused by the disconnect of mind from body and spirit.

My Yoga Home Practice Routine will let you to start, or end, (or both), your day with a terrific feeling, clean slate, as it re-sets your body, mind and its energy field. This yogic re-set negates the overwhelm of business and negativity, to recharge your batteries, and re-affirm your positive yoga class practice, and to condition body and mind to embed its values. An effective yoga home practice routine is a powerful way to revitalize your energy field as a whole.

Please download (and use!) my Way of Being – Yoga Home Practice Routine
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The combinations of my Yoga Home Practice Routine Free Download, poses and practices, are from my 2006 book and CD, Five Keys to Well-being.

Please note that this yoga home practice routine is only intended for use by persons with yoga experience. For detailed instructions on how to do the poses consult the Five Keys to Well-being book. Consult the web links for additional practice aids.

Strive for gentle, healing yoga practice when tired or aching. Always exercise with caution, especially in twists and backbends. Always follow twists and back bends with a forward stretch and always complete your routine with any round back forward stretch, and/or followed by a reclining hug.

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Always remember that a little yoga home practice goes a long way!
Enjoy, and practice with routine, with enthusiasm. Also read my blog entry How much yoga practice must I do to benefit?
Stellenbosch, 19 July, 2013