The Infinite Way Light Body Consciousness Meditation Music & Yoga

The Infinite Way Cover Johann Kotze Music & YogaThe Infinite Way Light Body Consciousness Meditation Music & Yoga70 minutes of Ambient Consciousness Sound-design for Restorative Yoga and Meditation practice. Enhance your studio or practice room with this nurturing composition. Rediscover your divine essence by seeing through the limitations of the illusionary, materialistic world. Imagine infinite, golden compassion, love and light and visualise the healing value of such nourishing energies to help you connect with your limitless self.

Rich, resonant, expansive soundscapes, grounding drones and hypnotic, repetitive chimes and swirls stimulate a deep space and sacred experience.

Use headphones or an optimal listening position to make the most of the stereophonic sound imaging for meditation or creative work, at your computer or work station. Or simply let the sounds play in the background. The Infinite Way sound design energy may also benefit the client and practitioner of healing therapy modalities such as Reiki, hypnotherapy and therapeutic massage.

Restorative yoga is a gentle, nurturing or restful yoga that assists the innate healing intelligence of the body-mind, to help restore natural well-being. The Infinite Way Restorative Yoga Class & Meditation Video (Instructions and Playlist & Sequence following June 2015). 

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Best quality mp3 at 320 k.p.s. and lossless WAVE, FLAC, AIF

Release in iTunes and availability from other digital distributors mid June 2015.

Get both the 70 minute continuous play and the multiple track album version in Bandcamp for the same 1 album price (US$ 9.00). iTunes and other digitals distributors only has the 6 track version at US$ 9.99.

1. The Infinite Way


1. The Infinite Way Part 1 Melek Shamayyim

2. The Infinite Way Part 2 Limitless Consciousness

3. The Infinite Way Part 3 Sacred Inner Journey

4. The Infinite Way Part 4 Divine Essence

5. The Infinite Way Part 5 King of the Heavens

6. The Infinite Way Part 6 Illuminate Your Being

Conceived and produced by Johann Kotze
Cover design by Johann, developed from template on
Released 21 May 2015

Your free gift: The Infinite Way Part 1 Melek Shamayyim 

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