Rider upon the Light

Rider upon the Light is the opening track for my Bliss Yoga Music album.

The title is a translation by J.J. Hurtak of an ancient Sacred Word phrase “Rokeb ba-Arabot”, from Hebraic-Aramaic-Arabic origin. Hurtak’s commentaries of Coptic scriptures has an additional yoga-connection as it includes references to ancient Sanskrit, Tibetan and Sanskrit traditions.

As with the AUM/OM sound and other Sanskrit words there is said to be wisdom embedded “in” the sound of the word or words. Speaking these sounds unlocks an energetic connection to a hidden reality asscribed to the meaning in the word. Speaking, hearing or thinking of sacred words during deep meditation on the inner plains can help bring about inner, energetic shifts, to reveal mysteries which cannot be understood by the thinking mind alone. Such sacred words are sacred, not in a religious sense, rather spiritually encompassing “the (greater Light) energy behind matter”. In yoga this energy is “Prana”, and breathing and meditation connects the individual to this great life force.

Specific sacred words or phrases may help develop higher metaphysical knowledge of space, time and matter. To be “a rider upon the light” is a poetic, and literal, vision of how an awakened being may ride upon the layers, or waves of light consciousness, and travel between universes, or realities. The sacred words “Rokeb ba-Arabot” are spoken in the beginning, middle and end of the opening track of the Bliss Yoga Music album, as an invocation to evoke the higher knowledge of yoga, and life, that brings bliss to this lifetime. As a blessing one may imagine this phrase to help open a yoga and meditation experience as a means to gain insight and wisdom into the laws of thermodynamics that governs space-time realities. In Sanskrit the word tamas refers to the vortex which may allow emissaries of light to travel between realities in a spiral or tunnel of energy flux, spatial links, as as a “rider upon the light”. When the chakras are effectively energised and balanced multi-dimensional travel becomes a metaphysical reality.

Yoga helps awaken the possibility to be a multi-dimensional visionary, a being in a Light Body, a heavenly Wayshower, by tuning in to the Eternal Thought. In this reference the bodymind is refined, in order to become attuned and accustomed to the subtle body, which, when infused with the greater Light of Prana, may merge into one-ness with the Godhead. The yoga path is through the body, to, in meditation and bodywork, go within and become conscious of the inner light, or prana, as a direct embodiment of the greater Light. Going within, connecting to the Godhead, the yogi transmutes the inner light, or small prana, to the greater Light or Prana, and transforms into a “rider upon the Light”.

You are invited to listen to “Rider upon the Light” and imagine beautiful, glorious and vibrant colour and sound spectrums. Let your imagination and the music create a beautiful vision of light and sound. Experience a tunnel of energy vibration wherein you may ride, from this reality to your divine inner world. Ride the light, like a surfer on a wave, a rider on a cosmic ocean of Light energy.

NB & PS – please hold any Sacred Name dear and near your heart. These words are sacred expressions of a high order.

Bliss Yoga Music Johann Kotze music & Yoga

Johann Kotze Music & Yoga Studios,
Muizenberg, Cape Town
24 March 2015