Relaxation to deepen your sleep & Yoga Nidra with Nina Saacks

Yoga-Nidra-Better-Sleep-Relaxation-Nina-SaacksYoga Nidra with Nina Saacks
Beautiful recordings of 3 lovely guided yoga relaxation sessions to help you rest and rejuvenate.

Included is a Free 4 Minute Download “Relaxation to deepen your sleep” (At the bottom of this page).

Nina is a yoga teacher in Cape Town, South Africa. The following notes are from the CD cover:

Welcome to these Yoga Nidras. They will help guide you to a place of calm and stillness. Take ten minutes out in your day and allow yourself to switch-off and to re-energise. A perfect CD for those who suffer from stress and need to learn to relax, for those who struggle to fall asleep at night and need something to help them to switch-off and for those who would like to take some time-out for themselves and just be.

The first two 10 minute Yoga Nidra sessions focus on the breath and the movement of the breath from one point of the body to another. Yoga Nidra One has been inspired by my late yoga teacher, Joke Spijker who introduced me to the gift of yoga and the benefits of Yoga Nidra from my very first class. The Second Yoga Nidra was inspired by Swami Pragyamurti who introduced me to the gentleness and therapeutic effects of Satyananda Yoga. The final relaxation to help deepen sleep was inspired by my students who motivated me to follow through with the idea of this Yoga Nidra recording.

May this CD lead you to a place of peace and tranquillity within your heart, mind and soul.


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30 Minute Youtube Video Stream of Relaxation to deepen your sleep:

Relaxation to deepen your sleep

1. Yoga Nidra 1: Awakening Sushumna Nadi

2. Yoga Nidra 2: Full Body Relaxation with the Breath

3. Relaxation to deepen your sleep (Includes Ethereal Chime and Yoga Nidra Music Mix track 4)

4. Sanga Nidra (Bonus Relaxation Music)


Nidra by Nina Saacks
Recorded & Produced by Johann Kotze
Cover design & photography by Andy Nix
Released on BandCamp 17 May 2013
This re-release including Youtube 6 June 2015

Relaxation to deepen sleep – 4 Minute Free Gift

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