New Earth Rising Light Body Transformation

Light Body Transformation Johann Kotze Music & YogaConsciousness Music to assist with the transformation of ourselves and the planet.

The New Earth Rising was conceptually conceived by Celia Fenn in 2013 with titles and text to make the connection with a greater cosmic realm channelled by dolphin consciousness. The Dolphin Masters are to assist with a planetary shift into Higher Consciousness.

For my 2015 re-release my intention is to let the sounds assist to open and activate the Portals of Light (chakras) to birth Heaven on Earth. Its sound design and titles reflect Inner spiritual work, meditation and Sacred Names to transform individuals and communities (Heavenly Temples) are formed to transmute the New Earth into a Sacred Expression of Creation.

The first 4 tracks features an ambient, cinematic sound design with slow, intense beats for a conscious chill-out

The 2 closing ambient/therapy music tracks may also be used as meditation music and yoga music or music for deep relaxation and for energy healing therapies.

Light Body Activation Music VideoWatch!

Cosmic Voyage Light Body Activation Music Video
– A 15 Minute Ambient Space Consciousness Meditation.


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1. Receiving the Light Codes
See the Ambient Music Video

2. Becoming the New Earth

3. Heavenly Temples of the New Earth
See the Ambient Music Video 

4. Transmute the New Earth into Sacred Expression

5. Transformation into Light Body

6. A Cosmic Kingdom

Project conceptualized by Celia Fenn
Music composed, performed, recorded and produced by Johann Kotze
Dolphin Sounds by Aguasonic
Original front cover design by Johann Kotze
Artwork image by Nyako Nakar

New Earth Rising and its follow-up Cosmic Voyage were released as “The Dolphin Dreaming Project” in 2012, a collaboration between Celia Fenn (concept, titles and text) and music by Johann Kotze.

Both albums were released on CD, with 24 page booklets, by Amra Verlag in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in 2013.

This release digitally world wide (except Germany, Austria and Switzerland) June 2015.
Some titles for this release are slightly altered from the original. The music is unchanged and basic cover design is remains with changes to font.

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Cosmic Voyage 400