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A golden thread of sound 

There are many ways to meditate, and many different ways to use music in preparation for, during and after meditation. Music for meditation is often associated with chanting, where chanting and mantras are used in traditional practices such as yoga and the Hare Krishna movement. Tibetan throat singing for instance focus on use of sound to influence the energetic frequencies of the meditator. Shamans from ancient civilisations drummed, sang, and designed rituals around sound and music. Native American chants may sound very different from Gregorian chants, and the choral music associated with Christian churches.

However, the thread of sound can be found in spiritual practices throughout the ages, especially now in the golden age of Western commercialisation of spirituality and technological advances that makes sharing so easy. All kinds of blended traditions can be heard in what is commonly know as New Age music, which can vary from acoustic to electronic, from chill-out type music to easy listening typically piped in spas.

To me the point of consciousness music is to connect with the one consciousness of all, be the “oneness” a unified scientific energy field or a divine consciousness. Certain sounds and frequencies can evoke a sense of this connection, an inner resonance with the outer universe.  To connect and commune with,  the sacred divine within,and express that which is unspeakable. Music is especially suited to communicate this resonance, as it is free of words and concepts. With music it is the experience of the frequency and rhythm and so on heard that moves or attunes the listener, to transcend ordinary reality, not the mental construct or thoughts. Such sound may take the listener beyond religion into spirituality, or connect the listener with an inner transformation away from the world of thought and emotions, to a pure experience of the bodymind as a vehicle of light.

This, of course, all sounds very much like meditation feels, when meditation is a place of stillness, in the sense of an absence of emotional turmoil and mental constructs. This is an entry level goal common to most styles or methods of meditation. Depending on the oreintation of the discipline various aspects of interpretation may be added, for instance meditation as prayer, as a means to achieve a divine connection, to feel connected to the universe or to simply still the mind.

“Meditation is the highest aspiration of the yogi”

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3 Hour 20 Minute Music for Light Body Activation

Free Youtube Video Stream program consisting of 3 of my best albums for meditation or sacred bodywork. Stream the program at the link or buy the individual albums. This program begins with and includes my entire album Ethereal Chime, an ambient music compostition that embodies my signature style of ambient consciousness music.

Track 2, the hour long title track of this album is a perfect example of my meditation music.

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Ethereal Chime Consciousness Music

Binaural Consciousness Music

The Heart-Mind Connector helps whole brain optimisation and helps open and connect the third eye, throat and heart chakras. The binaural sound technology assists with both processes. Read more at the linked page.

How to use this music

Simply put on the music and meditate, loudly, to help you focus and let the music work directly through your senses
Play the music quietly in the background while meditating, to help hold the the energetic space for your meditation
Play the music quietly in the background before meditation, to help you become attuned for meditation, and to clear the space where you will be meditating
 Play after meditation

More about my meditation music 

Personally I like to practice meditation to connect with the presence of an inner frequency experience of pure, divine self. As a yoga teacher who also creates music for yogi’s these twin passions are entwined in my daily work with both, and part of my everyday existence. I think of my “meditation music” as Ambient Consciousness Music because I create it in a specific state of meditation with the aim to bring the qualities of the meditative state into the fabric of the sounds. Read more about this process here.

Persons who meditate, do yoga, practice creativity, therapists, professionally, or as part of an holistic lifestyle, may use most of my music on the Being Ambient Music in above context for conscious practices and consciousness living.

Here are 2 examples of my music I recommend for conscious meditation practice.

Silence is also golden and nature rules supreme

Yet I don’t play music in all my classes all the time, just like I don’t listen to music the whole time either. Silence is as golden as music can be. And nature rules supreme: the sigh of a breeze in trees, the sounds of a summer afternoon in the country, the twitter of morning birds, the crash or lap of the ocean, and most near to us, the sound of our own breath makes when breathing are of the most beautiful sounds on the planet.

Enjoy the blessings,
Johann, Cape Town,
29 September, 2014