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I have a very close bond with yoga. Apart from teaching yoga classes, week in and year out, regularly for over twenty years, another primary interaction with yoga happens in my head. Thinking about yoga, and contemplating yoga. And then writing about it. Ocasionally. Not that much of it actually makes it into writing, as it is easier said than done, for me anyway. I find it quite hard work to accurately capture and translate the feeling and concept of my yogic insights into words.

Which is just how it ought to be: yoga is best experienced, first hand. It can be no other way, really. The physical experience of energy can perhaps be described, but not felt in the same way as when it is experienced. Direct observation, not clever intellectuality, is how yoga is transferred experientially, from teacher to student. Or from reader to practitioner. On occasion I do manage to commit and complete¬†a blog. I especially like the challenge to write about the massive importance of conscious awareness practices, and the when the topic is as elusive as yoga and well-being can be, I thrive. Not that I neccesarily manage to illuminate my challenge of description ūüôā

 Johann Kotze Music & Yoga Satsang Muizenberg Cape Town

I guess the writing of blogs, and reading of blogs, is a kind of online satsang – a sharing of wisdom. Traditional Indian philosophy had a great concept of “gathering in wisdom”. Satsang means being in¬†the company of the “highest truth”, getting together as an¬†assembly of persons who listen to, talk about, and assimilate the truth. This usually takes place with some kind of leader or guru, but, importantly involves listening to or reading texts, reflecting on, discussing and assimilating their wisdom. With blogging the communication is of course all one way, writer to reader, yet the sat sang can take place, there is¬†a flow of energy between reader and writer. It is then up to the reader to weigh in the reading, and go within to feel the value or quality of the writing. In this way a crucial¬†aspect of satsang is¬†meditation, “feeling”¬†or absorbing the source of the texts and discussion, the words or thought vibrations, as it is the absorption of concepts of wisdom into one‚Äôs daily life wherein the real value of learning lies.

With that in mind I’d like to acknowledge that the hidden, esoteric aspects of yoga can be pretty esoteric. I also love to look for¬†the most simple routes to connect anyone interested in the small¬†pleasures and practical significance of basic yoga practices. Coming up with a simple way to describe, promote or inspire and instruct a simple truth can be as tricky an endeavour as desmystifying mystery without making it banal or leaving it vague.

As a result of this challenge not that many blogs arrive online! And the challenge for me to deliver blogs is spread over two websites. I occasionally write blogs for this site, Being Ambient Music, my online music and yoga pages. My (local) music and yoga studio webpage also has a blog. If you are a keen student and reader of yoga, and like what you see on these pages, I am pleased to share the blog link to more of my yoga, meditation, yoga and music, and awareness blogs at:

26 January 2015
Cape Town