Affirmations Deep Mind Balancing Program

Affirmations mp3 Deep Mind Balancing Program
features powerful affirmations to manifest positive life changes to improve your life. Create the most favorable, optimized states of mind with Being Ambient Music Therapy and achieve peak physical and mental performance and associated higher levels of conscious self-realization.

Other titles includes “Physical Well-being”, Weight loss” and “Stop Smoking”.

Read about positive phrases and the note by the creators of these affirmations, Dr Yvette de Villiers (Ph.D Metaphysical Philosophy) and Johann Kotze (Yoga Therapist & Musician)

There are 6 titles in the Affirmations Deep Mind Balancing Program

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     Vol. 1 Financial Success
     Vol. 2 Physical Well-being
     Vol. 3 Weight Loss with Successful Eating Habits
     Vol. 4 Alcohol Addiction Release
     Vol. 5 Smoking Addiction Release
     Vol. 6 Relationship Harmony

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