Cosmic Waves Free Ringtone Download

Download your Free Ambient Consciousness Music Ringtone.
Perfect for yogis and meditators, and for use in quiet spaces.
Flowing sounds for a warm, soothing and expansive ambient soundscape.

This ringtone was handcrafted from the original Ambient Consciousness Music album
Being Ambient Music – Cosmic Waves (from the track: Deep Mind (Divine Being of Light))

natural chillout

Savasana is one of the most popular yoga positions, usually practiced at the end
of a session. This pose looks like sleeping. It is very simple and almost
everyone can do it.

Benefits of Savasana

  1. Relaxes whole body.
  2. Helps release stress, fatigue, depression and tension.
  3. Improves concentration.
  4. Helps cure of insomnia.
  5. Calms the mind to improve mental health.
  6. Stimulates blood circulation.
  7. Helps dissolve neurological problems, asthma, constipation, diabetes, indigestion.