Cosmic Voyage Light Body Activation Music 15 Minute Ambient Space Consciousness Meditation

An Ambient Consciousness Space Music Video Experience to assist you access and activate your Light Body. Please share this video and help expand our planetary frequencies. Bon voyage on your inter-dimensional meditation journeys.

Music by Johann Kotze

● Track 1 Solaris from Cosmic Voyage Music for Light Body Activation
● Track 2 Galactica from Cosmic Voyage Music for Light Body Activation
● Track 3 Becoming the New Earth from New Earth Rising Light Body Transformation

Read about Consciousness Music and Light Consciousness.

Also use the video soundtrack in the background or for focussed listening for meditation or yoga practice to help activate your cosmic consciousness.

Video music credits

Cosmic Voyage and New Earth Rising original album concept by Celia Fenn.
Both albums were released digitally and on CD as The Dolphin Dreaming Project in 2012.
Both albums were re-released on CD in 2013 by the German Book & Record Label Amra Verlag.
Links here: Cosmic Voyage and New Earth Rising.
Both albums were released world wide digitally and for streaming by Being Ambient Music mid 2015.

Video credits

Edited by Johann Kotze.
Footage contains artwork by Nyako Nakar whose art is featured in the CD editions.
Ocean video and all photograph and graphic design by Johann Kotze.
Video includes open source video stock.
Space videos are edited from the Webb Telescope project.

Bon Voyage
Johann Kotze Music & Yoga
Cape Town,
June 2015