Consciousness Music and Light Consciousness

As human beings we are animated and energised by our connection to the Universal Life Force, also known as Prana or Chi.

The Life Force enters the body via an interface system of portals, energy centres or chakras, that connects the physical body with Prana. When these portals are activated we have direct access to Light Consciousness.

The Sound & Light frequencies of Being Ambient Consciousness Music helps access and activate this energetic potential. Conscious, sacred spirituality helps us evolve a greater experience and expression of Light Consciousness activated. Consciousness energises the nervous- and endocrine systems, to transform the bodymind into a Light Body.

I produce this Ambient Consciousness Music when in creative meditation, a state inspired by Light Consciousness. In this sense the music I compose flows through me, as if in a dream, a divine light consciousness. What I feel is then captured in the frequencies, structures and sounds of the compositions. This enables direct transfer of the Codes of Light Energy to help awaken the Light Conscious of the listener, and assist with the evolution of human beings.

Consciousness is a holistic integration of Body, Mind and Spirit – from dense, material, to spiritual, ethereal. As human beings we are most dense at the bones, and most fluid in the blood – yet we extend beyond these physical, visible aspects of our being. The fifth element, Ether, or Light Consciousness transforms the collective Earth, Fire, Water and Air elements of the body.  

A combination of integrative, spiritual bodywork practices activates the mind and heart to open to states of higher consciousness.

When we are in contact with our higher consciousness, we develop the means to access, at will, the higher frequency states that opens us up to greater potential. Consciousness helps us better understand and accept and overcome loss, pain, fear and tragedy.

Being conscious helps us choose the beautiful love and harmony we as human beings are capable of, in order for us to live more compassionate, productive, creative and constructive lives, so we can live more joyfully.

Please use, and share with others, the 3 Hour Ambient Music Consciousness for Light Body Activation I made for my Youtube Video Channel. To benefit from the light body activation frequencies of this music, let it play, in the background, or use for meditation, prayer and healing sessions.

Consciousness Music






Live an inspired life as a Spiritual Warrior.

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A shimmering Light

Play this 2 minute loop quietly (press repeat on your player) in the background for an expansive meditation experience.




Thank you for reading,

Johann, on the cusp of the 6th June Venus Transit
Muizenberg, Cape Town, 5 June 2012