Bringing Spirit Back Into Medicine Audio

  Dr Brom writes with insight and compassion

  on the human-spiritual dimension of medicine and
  the special relationship that exists, or should ideally
  exist, between client and practitioner.

  Dr Bernard Brom has a medical degree from the
  University of Cape Town. He has studied homoepathy,
  studied and taught Chinese medicine and acupuncture and
  is an expert in low-energy laser and other energy treatments.
  He is experienced in nutritional therapy and lifestyle
  management, with a special interest in the psychospirirtual
  aspect of illness. He is a founder and an editor of the
  SA Journal of Natural Medicine; chairman of
  the SA Society of Integrative Medicine; and
  runs a busy practice. 
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Track Listing

1.   Introduction

2.   Finding one’s passion

3.   Eye of the soul

4.   Choosing love or friendship

5.   Let the music play

6.   Living with a debilitating condition

7.   A prayer for help

8.   Of warriors and men

9.   The weight we carry

10. On death and dying

11. The blind lady


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1.Introduction Dr.Brom by creatinghealth 2.Finding one’s passion Dr.Brom by creatinghealth

3.Eye of the soul Dr.Brom by creatinghealth
4.Choosing love or friendship Dr.Brom by creatinghealth 5.Let the music play Dr.Brom by creatinghealth