Brand Being Ambient Music

Promote your restaurant, guest house, spa or therapy practice with Being Ambient Music. Music is a powerful tool to grab and hold new clients attention, and re-establish existing customer loyalty.

Brand your own CD

●  an impressive corporate gift for targeted clients or special occasions and events
●  a powerful advertising tool with a long lifespan
●  sell the title through your business and create a self-financing marketing tool

We create a specially designed Music CD from the

Being Music Library and print a CD
with your business logo or design on it.
Or we can help you to produce a product to enhance
the image of your business, such as the CD cover design for a boutique guest house.

For example, Unwind.  See this sample of how a CD booklet (Unwind inside cover)
may be utilized as a brochure.




Power Your Social Media and Online Campaigns with Targeted Music



Use the power of music to dramatically increase internet visibility, get return visits to your site and to drive clients to your physical location.

● Facebook – secure your brand on Facebook
● Twitter – add the value of music to your promotions specials
● Streaming & Download Music Players – offer special music download opportunities to your clients in return for Facebook “Likes”

The internet has long been the most cost-effective advertising medium. Social media is powerful – as a result the competition is fierce. Your own music project will help you gain, and maintain, your client base attention.

High Visibility Marketing at Low Cost or No Cost

Music is an attractive option for a competition give-way and a product that may be sold at profit.

As the music used and artwork/design for the campaigns are made for or owned by the artist-owner/producer of the product, competitive Royalty Free Licence can be arranged. We can use your existing artwork and incorporate it into album designs and website banners at reasonably fees. The small print runs made possible by the modern digital industry maintains boutique projects at budget costs.

●  If you are a therapist you may compile your own therapy album from Being Ambient Music tracks with your design, logo, wording and  to sell at a profit – a self-financing marketing campaign or for a gift to your special clients
●  Spas, guest house or any business in the hospitality industry may impress their clients with the gift of an easy listening CD
●  Companies may brand a CD with a message of well-being for their clients or to motivate employees

Some samples of Chill-out/Lounge styled Being Ambient Music 
Listen while you read on. Hear more here.

Brand Being Royalty Free Ambient Music

It is an international arrangement that music may be only be used for commercial purposes with proof of copyright licenses. The entire Being Ambient Music Library is availability Royalty Free Ambient Music. International availability is from established Royalty Free Music websites, or by direct arrangement with Being Ambient Music. Please contact us with your enquiries.

Use a Being Ambient Music Ringtone or a Set of Ringtones for a Campaign Signature or Free Gift

Add a ringtone or a set of ringtones to any of your Being Ambient Music Promotions. Choose from the existing ringtone library selection or lets work on a unique idea for a jingle/ringtone component for your marketing campaign –  use existing Being Ambient Music, Effects, Sound Effects or commission a unique product. Read more below.

Commission a Being Music soundtrack or jingle

Order your custom soundtrack for a ringtone, video, slide show or movie. For more detail, contact us.

Use Being Music for your Voice Productions

Being Ambient Music enhances the power and beauty of spoken word recordings of affirmations, meditation, poetry etc. Download any free track and use it for your home productions, credit it please, and in case of commercial use of Being Music as soundtracks, please remember that all the music is copyrighted – you may not use Being Music without permission. Being Music will produce Being Music for your Voice-over Projects on demand. We can also match your voice-overs with our music and provide you with a final product. The example to the left was mixed in South Africa and produced via internet file swopping when an enterprising Russian therapist and voice-over artist approached me with her translations of a visiting international luminary. Listen to this production.



Being Ambient Music is your ideal partner for co-productions, from idea to implementation including co-publication. See the collaborative effort with the Yoga Awakening Africa Magazine as an example and the Deep Mind Affirmations Series (released through Being Ambient Music) in conjunction with the therapist that devised the system of affirmations.  The Hypnotherapy Music album & Website/Online Business is good example of a person who started a successful business (screenshot below) with the assistance of Being Ambient Music entrepreneur, musician, producer Johann KotzeContact us for more details.