Being Ambient Consciousness Music (Therapy)

Being Ambient Consciousness Music helps create a calm, clear, consciousness for meditation, deep relaxation, healing and creativity.  The compositions and sound frequencies may have a profound effect on your state of being so you may experience life as full of possibilities, free from the limitations we often impose on ourselves with our mental, rational or “thinking minds”. These Being Ambient Consciousness Music (therapy) recordings help induce the brainwave patterns characteristic of the deep relaxation and creative states, frequencies associated with peak mental, physical and emotional performance. Read more about these brainwave patterns to better understand how one may benefit from conscious music or Being Ambient Consciousness Music

Consciousness Music

Being Ambient Consciousness Music stimulate states of deep calm, clear awareness, or higher consciousness – a refined frequency that optimises a heightened state of being. It is a harmonious state, that could be induced by, for example, the practice of yoga or meditation, practices that evoke a connection to the kind of inner peace that is at once centering, expansive and uplifting. Being Ambient Music may help activate consciousness attunement to the universal life force, Prana.

Ambient Music Consciousness Music enhances deep state therapies such as hypnotherapy, reiki and meditation or yoga practice. It supports the use of affirmations – especially with the assistance of a skilled meditation or deep relaxation practitioner or facilitator. Read more about affirmations and Being Ambient Music. Play Ambient Consciousness Music in the background during meditation, or your healing practices, or create a conscious and harmonious space at home or in the car, or to assist with focus during study and work.

Selected Being Ambient Consciousness Music have been enhanced with state-of-the art Binuaral beats audio technology to optimize its therapeutic qualities. For a list of Binaural Beats Being Ambient Music go to the menu item Binuaral Beats

Being Ambient Music titles with FREE Download Samples:

● A shimmering light – 2 minute loop fromBeing 2 Deep Mind, edited for short meditations
● A Whirl of Light  from the Ambient Music for Deep State Therapies Vol.2
● Clear – a collection of Being Ambient Therapy Music treated Binaural Beats technology for enhancing consciousness

Although Being Ambient Consciousness Music (Therapy) contain regular musical elements, it is not regular musical compositions. Ambient Music is not “music’ in the sense of a structured popular or classical music composition that entertains with hook lines, catchy melodies or beats. When listening to ambient music the listener experience an expanded state of body, heart and mind, beyond the intellect or ego-self.

Make sure your sound system is set up in an optimal speaker listening position for Ambient Consciousness Music (and other music too).

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