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Yoga on the beach


It makes for lovely photographs… but yoga on the beach isn’t all that practical :-((
And often not the best idea; because of uncontrolled environment, unlike a yoga studio, factors such as unstable sand, sun, wind and lack of privacy that can all be an issue.

But… no-one who loves the ocean and the outdoors won’t give it a try! And it is undeniable that under ideal conditions a spot of yoga on the beach, early morning especially, is wonderful.

Yoga beach retreats are very popular, and usually takes into consideration what works and what doesn’t. Of course a couple of stretches at a beach anywhere, any time, may work well enough – while it may not be a class in the ordinary sense, it’s only a matter of adopting one’s practice to the particular elements and space, playing to presence of the great outdoors.

And, personally, I often do yoga in the sand, warming up for surfing, or when going for a swim. Here where my Johann Kotze Music & Yoga studio is located sunrise is around 6 a.m. = perfect for Sun Salute practice. In winter, rain or or cold, yoga breathing and power yoga practice (and a warm wetsuit) removes all fear of cold.

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