Ambient Music Therapy 1 – Music for Hypnotherapy

Ambient Music Therapy Vol. 1
consists of compositions that hold and expand
a focussed, clear space for client and therapist.
In the absence of melodic or dramatic progressions the music draws minimum attention to itself to enhance deep state meditative treatments like hypnotherapy, Reiki and Pranic Healing.

Played at low volume intrusive noise and other distractions are masked by ambient music that may also dissolve time-space orientation to induce dream-like states of expanded consciousness.

Being Ambient Consciousness Music (Therapy) is programmed with healing frequencies to enhance therapeutic stress release, meditation and other well-being practices.

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1.  A flowing dream

2.  Deep Mind Part 5

3.  From stars we come

4.  Inner Light

5.  An Ambient Ocean (Deep Mind) – with Pink Noise

6.  New beginnings (Mysterious Ocean) – with Pink Noise

7.  Deep Mind Part 5 Mobile Edit

8.  A flowing dream Mobile Edit

FREE Track in Bandcamp: Deep Mind Part 5 Mobile Edit 2

Music composed, performed, recorded and produced by Johann
Front cover design by Pia Taylor, complete design by Johann
First track released 3 March 2011
Album release: 11 August 2011

More about this album and ambient hypnosis music and royalty free licences for our hypnosis music

Ambient Music Therapy vol. 1 is a collaboration between myself and hypnotherapist Russel Brownlee, a Certified Hypnotherapist & Life coach. Russel found my music on the web while searching for appropriate music for his practice. He made contact and as we live in the same city we met up and developed Ambient Therapy vol. 1  to support his clients in their inner journeys. Read about this at We simply defined a set of criteria for hypnotherapy music, focusing on the point that the music should suggest relaxation and wellbeing without drawing attention to itself or distracting client and therapist in any way. I then edited existing tracks and composed new ones specifically for this project. The end result is a collection of compositions that create a healing space to encourage a stillness of mind and openness of heart. The compositions and musical frequencies provides a sense of support and wellbeing that supports inner transformation – an ideal role for ambient music as part of a therpy process.

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