Hello, and welcome to Being Ambient Music. I am Johann, from Johann Kotze Music & Yoga. All content on this website are inspired by my personal yoga practice and -teaching.

My Being Ambient Music is produced to enhance, or help create, the expansive and focussed states associated with meditation, yoga, relaxation, healing and creativity. I also invite you to N-JOY the conscious, clear, calm energies of my other Ambient Music; including Ambient Nature Music, Ambient Binaural Beats Music, Ambient Spacemusic, Ambient Cinematic Soundtracks and Ambient Chill-out/Lounge/Downtempo/Ambient House titles.   

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My Music and Yoga Blogs are my impressions of my life journey as an everyday yogi and musician. My working days involves teaching, creating, business projects and family and community life. I practice and incorporate what I learn from yoga and meditation into my music and how I think about holistic practices for developing well-being and spirituality. And also the other way round; my yoga teaching is focussed on practical life skills, with conscious awareness of a greater whole, in context of daily living.  Mixed in are some commentaries on Zen and Tao, with affirmations, inspiring quotations and a few audio podcasts.

Thank you for visiting.
Namaste and OM Blessings,
Johann Kotze, Music & Yoga
Cape Town,
19 January 2015.