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Being Ambient Music features the catalog created by Johann Kotze, a yoga teacher and producer of Ambient Music, Ambient Therapy Music, Ambient Nature Music, Binaural Beats Music, Ambient Spacemusic, Cinematic Soundtracks, Ambient Lounge/Chill-out/Downtempo/Ambient House. The music is meant for anyone who appreciates music for conscious being, and ideal for meditation, yoga, therapies, creativity, relaxation, cafes, lounges and other creative, work and recreation spaces and places that benefits from music for conscious being.

Many of the Being Ambient Music titles are compositions with sound frequencies to expand and enhance consciousnessConsciousness Music can induce the brainwave patterns indicative of the deep relaxation and creative states we experience when free from the limitations of stress and fear. Read more about Being Ambient Music Therapy.

Thank you for visiting, Johann, Cape Town, 10 August 2014.

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Ambient Nature Ringtones, Ambient & Chill-out:

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Blogs and Video Instruction and Inspiration

Also on are my musings and articles on music and music therapy, music techniques, holistic practices for well-being, spirituality, yoga and thoughts on philosophies ranging from Zen to Tao, affirmations, inspiring quotations and much more.