Being Ambient Music

I create the Being Ambient Music catalog and other content influenced by 25 years of  teaching yoga.
The Ambient Consciousness Music compositions features sound frequencies create a calm, clear, consciousness space for meditation, deep relaxation, healing and creativity. The compositions and sound frequencies may have a profound effect on your state of being when used in conjunction with yoga and other spiritual practices, so you may learn to experience life as full of possibilities, free from the limitations we often impose on ourselves with our mental, rational or “thinking minds”. More about Consciousness Music and Light Consciousness.

Enjoy the positive energy of my other Ambient Music, Ambient Nature Music, Binaural Beats Music, Ambient Spacemusic, Cinematic Soundtracks and Ambient Chill-out/Lounge/Downtempo/Ambient House – Stream any album from the players on the album pages or use the Youtube playlists.

Also on are my Music and Yoga Blogs, and includes yoga topics, music therapy, music techniques,holistic practices for well-being, spirituality and thoughts on philosophies from Zen to Tao, affirmations, inspiring quotations and much more. Thank you for visiting.

download-button (1) Please vista the news page for the latest on my free downloads. Blessings, Johann,
Cape Town, 30 September 2014.

Ambient Nature Ringtones, Ambient & Chill-out

I made a bunch of ringtones a while back, with sounds and themes that appeasl to ambient music fans and my yoga people audience.

These are superb hand crafted sounds and include beautiful, high quality mp3 downloadfrom various Being Ambient Music titles, including Ambient Chillout Music, Ambient Nature Music, Ambient Therapy Music and Ambient Music  Categories.

I am currently looking for a way to modify the ringtone pages so they can all switch to free downloads.

Meantime have a look at what there is, to evoke a tranquil, spiritual energy on your mobileor get a Ringtone Download with a unique Chill-out Ambient beat and sound.
Johann, 7 September, 2014.

My Royalty Free Being Ambient Music takes your audio-visual production to the next level.
Or buy Royalty Free Ambient Music for you business or public space.

I also have ambient music suitable as hypnosis music for royalty free licence – please visit ambienthypnosis.

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