Being Ambient Music features Consciousness Music to help induce an expansive and focussed state of being associated with meditation, yogahealing and creativity. The catalog includes Ambient, Ambient Space Music Sci-fi, Ambient Nature Music, Ambient Binaural Beats Music, Ambient Cinematic Soundtracks and Ambient Chill-out/Lounge/Downtempo/Ambient House titles, all produced with high frequency energy intention.   

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My Music and Yoga Blogs are inspired by my personal yoga practice and -teaching. Everyday involvement in teaching and creativity helps me develop holistic well-being and spirituality practices in business projects, family and community life. In turn my yoga teaching becomes more focussed on practical life skills, in conscious awareness of a greater whole. Yoga instruction videos are some commentaries on Zen and Tao, affirmations, inspiring quotations and, a few audio podcasts make up the rest of the site content.

Just added a Do Yoga Sun Salute Instruction video (video production image below). More Yoga Music with Online Yoga Video Projects on the way.

Filming Yoga Online Class Johann Kotze

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Namaste and OM Blessings,
Johann Kotze Music & Yoga
Muizenberg, Cape Town,
30 April 2015.

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